Services of the Sela Group

The leading logistics services group in Israel

Storage and inventory
management services

When it comes to storing goods, there is no challenge we cannot meet. The Sela Logistics Group offers flexible and varied storage options, heavy / light hoisting, accumulators, push-pack, temperature controlled storage, hanging systems, yard storage, container storage and more.

All the company’s warehouses are managed to the highest standards and are secured according to strict safety rules.

Inventory management is carried out using advanced information systems, which enable us to control each stage from the receipt of goods, through storage until the final destination. Absorption and auditing are conducted in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client who receives real-time reporting from us via designated interfaces.

Sela Logistics is a market leader in all aspects of value added services – individual services tailored to the needs of the product, the customers and the entire Israeli market.

Adapting products to local standards or to the Israeli market

  • Replacing original plugs for those suitable for use in Israel

  • Producing importer labels / price stickers / warranty certificates / user instructions in Hebrew

  • Repackaging

  • Creating kits and cases for any purpose

  • Returns service

  • Scrapping and recycling services

  • Printing services, using our in-house print shop located in the Logistic Center:

    Producing and affixing price tags in NIS

    Producing barcode labels

    Producing textile labels

Value added services

IT services

The Sela Logistics Group uses advanced management systems that enable full control of the entire storage and distribution system. All information systems are compatible with the customer’s information system for data transparency and real-time monitoring.

We have developed a dedicated application that tracks the shipment from the moment it leaves the point of delivery, via cell phones. These are “learning systems” that allow us to draw conclusions and execute developments adapted to the client’s needs, shortening performance times for our customers, optimizing warehouse space and producing work volume forecasts.

Our customers’ information is secured and protected to the highest standards. Our information system is backed up by a DR site that allows us to return quickly to work in the event of a disaster.

Our company operates a free container terminal for the storage of full containers and yard storage, providing a variety of solutions for companies and businesses, for any period of time needed.  The terminal is located 5 km from the port of Ashdod and is computerized, using advanced information systems, that enable our customers to track, document and view merchandise through Sela Online

Via the terminal we perform:

  • Transporting all types of cargo from sea ports.

  • Long-term storage of full or empty containers.

  • Unloading and transportation of containers to warehouses or to the final customer.

  • Loading containers for export.

  • Management and handling of special projects, including warehousing and distribution of all types of cargoes.

Container Terminal

Temperature Controlled Storage

  • Our temperature and humidity controlled Logistic Center (18-22 degrees) allows storage of goods that require special conditions.

  • The center is operated by a water cooling system manufactured by Unique Engineering and Air Conditioning.

  • Our company meets the strict ISO 9001:2000 standards, and we are licensed to store food products by the Ministry of Health.  

Security and
insurance services

We invest great efforts and resources to protect our customers’ goods in every possible way. All distribution vehicles are connected to advanced detection systems that enable real-time monitoring of the goods’ location throughout the distribution process.  

Security is managed by our highly experienced security manager, in cooperation with an international security company. All the company’s areas are secured by a number of security departments operating 24/7.

Rental of logistics centers

We rent logistics centers, offices, warehouses, etc, to external customers for self-operation, for any period of time, at accessible locations throughout the country.

Sale and rental of containers

We rent different types of storage containers for any purpose and for any desired period, including transporting containers to the required destination.