One Stop Shop

We can provide all your logistics, transportation and storage services under one roof.

Sela Logistics is a market leader in all aspects of value added services – individual services tailored to the needs and needs of the product, customers and the entire Israeli market, such as producing and affixing: price tags in NIS, barcode labels, textile labels, packaging, return service, scraping and recycling services.

Value added services


Over the years, we have accumulated tens of thousands of kilometers of distribution, millions of tons of storage and hundreds of satisfied customers, including some of the largest companies in the economy alongside small and medium sized businesses.

Our fleet of 160 vehicles distributes daily throughout Israel – from Dan to Eilat.

Wide distribution
throughout the country

Flexibility and personal attention

We specialize in adapting the best service for the customer’s needs, from the range of the company’s services included in the supply chain, using advanced management systems, variable transport conditions, storage, product adjustments to the Israeli standard, security and insurance.

Loyal and satisfied EMPLOYEES

We believe that the company’s success is built on human capital and we see our employees as part of one large family. Our workers come from differing populations and regions and constitute the quality Israeli fabric in which our country is blessed.

Advanced Information Systems

An advanced distribution application that enables tracking of goods at every stage, enabling full follow-up, from the receipt of the inventory to its arrival to the end customer, flexibility in the development of interfaces and the production of reports according to customer needs.

Security and safety

Our quality Assurance Department operates according to the strictest standards, work procedures and safety regulations, with 24/7 monitoring and assurance to ensure the safety of employees and inventory.

Sela Online System

Providing real-time information from the operating systems that manage the inventory and distribution at the Sela Logistics Group, enabling our customers to connect to the system remotely and receive important information about the conduct of their business: the quantity of products in stock, the quantity of products sold, etc. 

Securely. Anytime. Anywhere.

we hold a variety of storage licenses: Bonded license, Food license + Health Ministry license for food storage, License for cosmetics, license to store medical devices.

Various designated licenses